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Indian Astrology is often referred to as Vedic Astrology citing its source in Vedas. It remains 3500 years old according to modern science. It is perceived to be even more ancient according to Indian beliefs.

Astrology remains the founding bed of all consequent studies in predictions. Numerology, gemology and other forms like Lal Kitab and K.P Astrology are an extension of ancient Vedic astrology.

Indian Astrology is predictive, precautionary as well as remedial in nature. It unravels the difficulties and obstacles plaguing us in past as well as future. It provides a road-map to traverse around these obstacles as well as capitalize on opportunities

Astrology is study of the twelve signs\constellations commonly known as Horoscopes. Interactions of these signs with nine stars of astrology, dictates our day-to-day life. Every star and sign is associated with their own affects and characteristics, both positive and negative in nature.

Detailed birth report or Horoscope can be studied to peak a glance into one’s characteristics, favorable times, and other scenarios. Kundli\Janampatri is studied to explore the yogas and doshas hidden in horoscope of a person.

Kanchan Numero consults on energy and vibrations of a person and suggests necessary remedies and solutions to strengthen them.

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Kanchan Numero Services