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Here we are discussing the Effects of Gemstones on human life according to Indian Vedic astrology, astrological planets, signs and houses… Let’s read this article.

Gemstones are considered to be very effective. These are useful to get rid of problems from ancient times. Because gemstones have the power to positively affect a person’s life.

Gemstones have the power to improve an individual’s health and bring peace, happiness and wealth in an individual’s life.

In Vedic astrology gemstones are considered to be extremely important because in Vedic astrology gemstones are used to remove malefic effects of planets, gemstones absorb the negative energies and bring happiness and success in wearer’s life.

Each planet emits certain types of energies it can affect an individual which usually depend on His/Her planetary birth chart.

The position any planet in planetary birth charts plays important role in person’s life if a certain planet is in a favourable position as per birth chart then it can positively affect person’ life if a certain planet is in malefic position in as per person’s birth chart.

It can negatively affect an individual’s life so in than case gemstones play an important role to ward off ill effects of unfavourable planet and bring good health, peace, happiness and wealth in a person’s life.

Apart from astrology gemstones are globally recognized healing capabilities. Gemstones provide have healing power which helps the body and mind to remain fit and gemstones also help to get rid of mental problems such as depression.


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Effects of gemstones on a person’s life


Ruby is also known as manic in India. It is one of the most beautiful gemstones it comes in light to a dark red shade. It is also widely used for astrological purposes and it is associated with planet sun.

And usually recommended wearing when a person has malefic planet sun in the planetary birth chart.

It emits powerful cosmic energy which promotes good health. This gemstone can improve digestion, bones health and can reduce headaches.

Ruby is beneficial to increase self-confidence in the wearer.


Coral is also known as moonga.

It usually comes in red and white shades. Astrologically coral is associated with planet Mars. If a person has weak mars planet in its planetary birth chart then it is recommended to wear a coral gemstone.

Malefic Mars in the birth chart can cause various problems such as health and financial loss. But a person can prevent these malefic effects by wearing the coral gemstone.

It is usually recommended to wear in a gold ring and has various health benefits it can cure anaemia, cough, jaundice, body pain and other body inflammations.

Blue sapphire

Blue sapphire is also known as Neelam. Neelam is the fastest acting gemstone. Blue sapphire is associated with planet Saturn and it can reduce malefic effects of planet Saturn.

Weak Saturn planet in a person’s birth chart can cause various problems in a person’s life, astrologers recommend to wear the blue sapphire to prevent malefic effects of weak Saturn.

Blue sapphire is extremely powerful gemstone it can increase mental concentration, self-confidence, and it can bless wear with good fortune along with good health.

Yellow sapphire 

Yellow sapphire is also known as pukhraj and guru Ratna. This Gemstone comes in light to a dark yellow shade.

It is widely used for astrological purpose because it is associated with planet Jupiter and it can ward off malefic effects of planet Jupiter if Jupiter is positioned in a weak position in native’s planetary birth chart.

Yellow sapphire helps in maintaining good relations with family members, leads a person towards the path of religion and spirituality.


Pearl is also known as moti and it comes in creamy white colour. It is associated with planet moon and it can ward off negative effects of the moon if the moon is positioned weak in native’s planetary birth chart. Pearl can be also used for jewellery purpose.

It can bring mental calmness, can reduce short temper, can increase self-confidence and can reduce depression.


Emerald is also known as Panna in India and it comes in light to dark green shade.

Astrologically Panna is associated with planet mercury and it can successfully ward off malefic effects of planet mercury if mercury is positioned in weak in native’s birth chart.

Emerald can be beneficial for business growth, printing and publishers and it can cure respiratory disorders and mental stress.

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Hessonite is known as good and astrological it is associated with planet Rahu. Rahu is considered to be the evilest planet and it can harm native in many ways. Wearing hessonite gemstone can ward off malefic effects of planet Rahu. Hessonite gemstone can help the wearer in legal court matters. And can be helpful for judges, lawyers and legal practitioners to achieve success.

Cat’s eye

Cat’s eye gemstone is also known as lehsuniya. This the gemstone is associated with planet Ketu and Ketu is known as one of the evilest planets in Vedic astrology.

Cat’s eye gemstone can successfully reduce the ill effects of Ketu is wear after astrological recommendations. This gemstone can help leaders or politicians to earn a higher name. It can also protect the wearer from black magic, evil eye and tantra attacks.


Diamond is known as heera in India, diamond is considered to be the most precious and expensive gemstone.

It is associated with the planet venus and it can ward off malefic effects of planet venus if venus is positioned weak in native’s birth chart.

Diamond can bring stability and strong bonding in love relations. Diamond is beneficial to gain self-confidence and mental wisdom.


Amethyst is very beautiful looking purple coloured gemstone and it can help the wearer to attain spiritual wisdom, mental peace and nobility in character.


Opal is widely popular gemstone for its beautiful looks, it widely used as fashion and jewellery purpose.

It is beneficial for intellectual skills and professionals related to communication.


Garnet is a red coloured very attractive gemstone and it is widely used for fashion accessories or jewellery.

it helps wear in gaining self-confidence, career success, empowerment and social fame.

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